This was a prototype website I created for Daniel the Painter – although it is not a live web site (his wife was not convinced that he needs to have a website). It is based upon the business card that I created for him, and he thought it would be cool if the business card could be incorporated into a website.

I used Photoshop to create the elements of the site, and used the slicing tool to create the needed slices for the menu, then saved the slices/images for web and devices to be imported into Dreamweaver.

I did the coding in Dreamweaver CS5. Having used Dreamweaver 4.0 and MS Expression Web, the interface was fairly easy to understand, and did not take me long to learn.

I especially liked learning that you could create a master page for the website using Dreamweaver, and that when you needed to make a change to the entire website, it did it globally – kind of the way of using external CSS does.

The most interesting challenge was the main menu. I had to create it in Photoshop, and bring the sliced images into Dreamweaver. There I discovered that I needed a master div for the menu, with inner divs inside where I inserted the sliced images to create the overall menu. I was then able to use Dreamweaver’s proprietary Javascript rollover functions to create the rollover effects for the menu items.