MS Expression Web

This is a website I created for a fictitious landscape company, called “Majestic Landscaping, LLC.”

In this class we were introduced to Microsoft Expression Web, which is a software program that will allow you to design a website without having to do all of the coding by hand. Having have had some experience with the Dreamweaver 4.0 interface, it was fairly intuitive. What I thought was really handy and useful was the CSS styles panel that had a menu box that had all of the options for you to choose and change the CSS elements instead of hand coding it, like font styles, background color, block, etc. – as I at that time I was still somewhat new to CSS, this was real handy. Even though it was handy, especially for elements that I was not familiar with, I still did a majority of my HTML and CSS coding by hand.

The masthead and other artistic elements were created using Photoshop, which allowed me to use and enhance my Photoshop skills. Other images used in this project were free images that were found on the internet.