Kewaskum Youth Soccer Organization

This is one of the websites I did for my internship. It was for the Kewauskum Youth Soccer Organization (KYSO) in Kewaskum, Wisconsin.

Their original site was a very basic and plain site that one of the soccer moms put together to get the site up and running, and did a fairly nice job for what it was intended to do at the time of it’s inception. I was approached to upgrade it into something that would really stand out. We looked at several other websites for other organizations to get some ideas of what they wanted it to look like.

They provided me with the logo and a picture they wanted for the masthead, and using Photoshop, I created a very nice header for them. As they wanted to be able to add more menu choices down the road, we decided to do a vertical menu. I set everything up using divs and CSS and created a dynamic web template (dwt) in Dreamweaver so that when I made a change there, the change instantly was made throughout the website when it was saved.

I created the tile background using a free tile image I found on the internet, I modified it by adding a soccer ball to make it look more interesting. I used the colors that KYSO had adopted as their “official” colors through out the project. I also added a real nifty photo gallery to the site.

We were in the process of exploring converting it to, or creating a new dynamic website using WordPress so that it would render well on small devices as well as desktop computers. On August 1st, 2012, I handed over all of the files for the KYSO website to the soccer club. They have since taken the website design in a different direction.